Did you know that lower extremity dysfunction or misalignment can occasionally cause pain in either or both the feet? As a matter of fact, the foot has 26 bones, more than 100 muscles and 30 joints, ligaments and tendons that work together to provide support, maintain balance and provide full range of motion. Chiropractors at urgent chiropractic care® may incorporate specialized foot orthotics to treat mechanical dysfunctions or lower extremity misalignments that cause pain or discomfort, if indicated by a physical examination during foot orthotics treatment Calgary.

Foot orthotics treatment

Now, the thing that might come to your mind is “what exactly are orthotics”?
Well, the phrase “orthotics” refers to any support, brace, or splint that synchronizes with or adjusts the movement of moveable human body parts. Foot orthotics are shoe inserts that go inside of shoes, often known as shoe orthotics.

How can custom foot orthotics be useful for anyone?

1. Significantly Lessens Stress On The Body:
The body might experience a lot of stress from standing all day or for extended durations. People with structural or functional flaws will experience more foot pressure. One research using orthotics and chiropractic manual therapy for people whose jobs demand them to stand for at least six hours per day found that the two treatments together enhanced involvement in everyday activities, leisure activities, and sports.

2. Improves Stability And Posture:
According to study, structural flaws in the midfoot region may have a significant impact on joint mechanics, changing a person’s capacity for stability during leisure and athletic activity.

3. Improves Quality Of Life Of Patient:
Abnormal biomechanics, leg/foot discomfort, or back pain all have a detrimental impact on daily activities and overall quality of life. 70% of patients with foot deformities who participated in a questionnaire related to a Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy research said they were able to resume their prior level of activity once they started utilizing foot orthotics.

These benefits are just to name a few. If you too are suffering from excruciating pain in foot, come and want to get it treated the right way, meet our experts and find an intelligent and safe solution to your foot pain through foot orthotics treatment Calgary exclusively by professional chiropractors at Urgent Chiropractic Care Centre®, Calgary.