Auto Injury Neck Pain

Auto injuries commonly result in sprain-strain of the neck. The ligaments that help support, protect, and restrict excessive movement of the vertebrae are torn, which is called a sprain. The joints in the back of the spine, called the facet joints, are covered by ligaments called facet capsules, which seem to be particularly susceptible to whiplash injury.

In addition, the muscles and tendons are strained—stretched beyond their normal limits. The discs between the vertebrae, which are essentially ligaments, can be torn, potentially causing a disc herniation. The nerve roots between the vertebrae may also be stretched and become inflamed. It is important to know that the amount of damage to your vehicle is often times not proportionate to the amount of injury sustained by occupants of the vehicle. Research shows even minor impacts can cause significant neck injury. Early evaluation and diagnoses is essential for optimal treatment and healing to occur.

Auto Injury Neck Pain Headaches Urgent Care Chiropractic

Auto injury neck pain can also come from a slipped or herniated disc. This type of injury can occur when one of the discs that protect the bones in your neck slips out of place. You will experience pain or discomfort because the discs are no longer supporting the bones in your neck. Symptoms can include numbness, weakened arm muscles, tingling or burning,or pain that worsens after walking or standing. With treatment the pain and discomfort can often be reduced in about six weeks.

A delay of treatment allows your neck to attempt to heal in an incorrect fashion. If a delay of treatment is prolonged, disruption of appropriate healing will cause more difficulty in the treatment process. If a joint is left out of alignment or is hypermobile, this can lead to future degeneration.